Working remotely, isn’t hard, It’s just different !!


The current environment is one which presents challenges to businesses small and large. Being as efficient as you were before, is a significant challenge. I personally feel it’s not possible to do everything online in spite of all the technological advances. I work in a technology business where this is our normal way of working. Solving problems in person is still quicker and requires less time communicating than doing it remotely. In our business, we are used to making decisions in front of white board and this feels easier than a remote shared screen on a portal, so it is important to recognize and acknowledge the differences of remote working and understand that it is different but factor this into a new way of working.

There are ways to compensate for inefficiencies once you recognize them, and it is likely you will gain efficiencies in areas by understanding the process and trying new tools where you would normally do not use, thus compensating for loss of time you might otherwise have lost working remotely. The key is to try out new tools to see what works in driving efficiencies in new working environments.

As a technology business we have an operational infrastructure that is predominantly online and online tools to support it. This naturally allowed us to evolve our work processes and methodologies around being lean and online. In many ways we were always working in a similar manner with a browser, however we still chose to come to work and solve problems together sitting in a room in person. This allows us to seamless move between remote and collocated work-spaces.

Martin Fowler who is a thought leader in the technology space had written an article on Remote Versus Co-Located Work in October 2015. It is a good refresher for people to understand the dynamics. Another useful resource to hear from a team that moved to working remotely and how they felt is 3 Crucial Keys to Helping Your Team Transition to Remote Work Effectively

As a provider of an online platform for complex legal documentation and collaboration we can cope with all documents from simple to the most difficult collaborative production of complex prospectuses. We would welcome businesses both small and large to contact us if they feel they could use our platform with no obligations. Our collaborative platform can create publish and manage documents in a secure digital environment. A document is a document and 80% of people will probably need the same basic tool-set , its just that if it was online and secure you might benefit more now. If some platform was to streamline the way you work it will be useful. We believe modelling our workflow around how multiple parties in capital markets transactions work on documents has helped us evolve into a platform that fits how people really work in a collaborative environment that is controlled and streamlined.

We are a small business today and don’t have the outreach of the larger technology providers, but we are happy to help within our means. If you are in doubt, please check with us, we have a lot of use cases we know we fit into. If you just want to trial it , or you are a small business but have complex needs and you did not have the budget to try new things, its fine. You can speak to us, and we will help.  Commercial gain is not the objective right now for us, we are happy to just learn how we can evolve our product further on its strengths and test its paces and at the same time help businesses in ways we can.

Never before has the need for good infrastructure, efficient tools and faster networks been needed worldwide. It is surprising that there are so many businesses investing money in technology that is still in-house when cloud and online alternatives have evolved so much. AWS has been around for 14 years and Azure for 10, my point is the opportunity to move forward was there then, it is still there and improving constantly, but businesses in the name of security, or cost, or time required never took the time to change because they didn’t feel the need to. To compensate for not being prepared, they are spending large sums of capital expenditure on devices that help their employees to work remotely, by shipping equipment. It has been interesting to see the changes in the legal sector with remote working increasing as a way of improving the work/life balance in highly stressful environment of capital market law. The time is never right to change, it is not about the need to change, but it is about change that could have happened when you could afford the risk.

Everyone is coming together globally to help each other out in all industries. Today people are more and more looking at technology to help, taking a pragmatic approach to change and trialling new and interesting ways of doing things has to be the right way forward. There is no such thing as the right time, It is now.